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The GA-150 SAPPHIRE can operate on a battery power bank or two 12v battery for remote locations.
Moreover, giving you the freedom to play music where other amplifiers cannot.
The GA-150 SAPPHIRE is a mono block amplifiers with two output connector which can operate 1 to 16 speakers (long as it is in range from 4 ohms to 32 ohms). Also can run two 4×12 cabs per channel side.
The GA-150 SAPPHIRE has a speaker protection circuit built-in, therefore, protecting your speakers, or in case of a shorts, to protect the amp.
The GA-150 SAPPHIRE can be operated from 12 volts DC/AC to 26 volts DC/AC of power.
An exciting feature is Solo Practice Playing with follow along with your tablet, phone or MP3 device using a mixer and your headphones. Not disturbing your surroundings and playing to your heart’s desires.

Unit description

  1. FOOTSWITCH Turns on/off unit. When switch is ON, the LED will indicate and light, signal is passed to the amplifier out to the speaker outputs mono. When switch is OFF amplifier is off and no LED light.
  2. LED indicates when unit is on or off.
  3. VOLUME CONTROL Provides a variable audio signal to increase or decrease outputs.
  4. INPUT  with high gain stage built-in for the user to run multiple pedals by producing high gains powerful outputs.
  5. SPEAKER The speaker output ranges from 4 Ohms to 32 Ohms. The output power at 14.4 volts to 25 watts, at 24 volts to 60 watts of power. Output spectrum from 20 Hz to 22 kHz.
  6. POWER PLUG CONNECTOR The unit operates from 12 volts – 26 volts. Connector size 5.5mm x 2.5mm POSITIVE Center Pin.
  7. HEADPHONE ADAPTER Is 1/4 jack mono male to 3.5 mm female stereo gold. This feature allows you to have silent practice, so you can jam the sound to the extreme!
  8. Warranty 1 year to date of original purchase.

To what units can the GA-150 SAPPHIRE be connected to:

Guitar, FX-pedals, multi FX-pedal board, unpowered mixer, concert stage amplifier (via bypass), and unpowered speakers, and headphones line output such as tablet, phone, etc.

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